The Beach Calls!

Since Minnow and I are in southern California there is lots of beach for us to explore. We just went to the beach for the 5th time and there is still differences in how comfortable she is each time. When we are alone on the beach she runs around and tries to play with everything, as puppies do. But the water is a little more tricky. Since it’s been so cold over the winter she hadn’t really experienced the ocean or other bodies of water that were for playing. Honestly I think she is afraid of it still (though she is afraid of a lot of things) so in order to help get her get more in the mindset to play with water we filled up an old baby pool in the backyard with just a couple inches of water.

After the initial apprehension of the water I got her running through the pool and splashing everywhere. Now at the beach she will run in the ocean after me, she’s still not quite sure if it’s fun but she isn’t as scarred any more. I’m hoping that as we keep going to the beach and playing in water that I’ll be able to take her boating on canoes and kayaks.

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