The Sun It Burns!

Sun protection is something that we’ve all heard about. Wether its before swimming, running, or going to a festival no one enjoys getting burned. But how often do you think about it for your four legged friends?

My last dog this was never a concern, she had long black and red hair and never had any problems other than potentially overheating (which we were careful about). However Minnow doesn’t have the same luxury. She has for lack of a better description strange fur, it is wiry and thin and sticks up at all angles most of the time. It is also very light in color being white or a reddish tan. A lot of places on her body I can actually see through her coat to her skin below, these are most notably the front inch and a half of her nose and her entire underside.

However on our recent trip to Sedona National Park I found that the rest of her normal hair does an awful job protecting her and she ended up getting very light burns on the skin through most of her white hair. This means that she really needs a plan when it comes to protection since we mainly hike in the desert.

What we are considering is making light weight tall dog booties to physically cover her legs, combined with dog safe sun screen for her nose. I don’t like the smell of sunscreen and she doesn’t like the feel of it so thats why we keep it to as little a body area as possible.

There are a lot of breeds as well as mixes that should take sun protection into account if you would for yourself.

Some things to consider when it comes to strategies:

If your dog is anything like mine they will lick off anything that you put on their skin, so if that is the case then keep creams as minimal as possible.

Any product that is put on your dogs skin will be absorbed through it, and that new bottle of sunscreen you got for yourself may be toxic to your furry friend.

There are different pieces of dog clothing you can utilize to protect from the sun, dog boots for the feet, sun jackets or cooling jackets both are available and may be worth looking into.

Toxic substances to watch out for!

Salicylates and Zinc Oxide are both commonly found in human sunscreens and can cause both respiratory problems and vomiting when exposed.

Toxins Info

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