About Us

Over the summer of 2016 I was lucky enough to foster a wonderful German Shepard and get to enjoy all the parts of having a dog that I had dreamt of. When I wasn’t able to adopt her I was crushed and started looking for a pup to permanently welcome into the family. I spent months looking through dog profiles online before I had an appointment to meet a dog. Through a twist of fate I wasn’t able to meet the little boy, so instead I ended up at Helen Woodward Animal Center in November of 2016. They had a couple dogs I was interested in online, Minnow was the second pup I met and I knew when we met that she was the one. She was terribly shy with both people and other dogs but it was nothing that seemed too concerning too me. I remember when I first saw her running around that I said she looks like a dog who is ready for adventure, and that’s exactly what I was looking for.

Minnow had actually been at shelters for the majority of her life and had seen the rest of her litter adopted from around her. None of the staff knew why she had been overlooked for so many weeks, all they knew was that she was one of their favorites.

Minnow is now part of a big family and is loving it, she still is wary of new people and dogs but we’re working on that. She has a best friend who is a little dachshund mix as well as a a best friend who is a cat.

We are just starting on our adventures and have some big plans coming up in the future.


The wild lady in her element!