Conservation Efforts

Central to everything in my life growing up through the Boy Scouts and watching the cartoon “Capitan Planet” has been the idea of conservation of the planet. I was taught the slogan “Take only pictures, Leave only footprints” at a young age and I don’t see any other viable way to live.

My deeply ingrained tendencies of taking care of the planet pairs perfectly with my deep love of animals and plants, and especially those that are in danger of no longer existing.

In the world of conservation exposure to the plants and animals that are in danger can be the difference between them being saved or being lost to extinction. That is why I want to teach conservation and respect of nature (especially to children). If there is ever a question of what I do anything for, it’s for the betterment of the planet.

We adventure to bring light to the need for concervation.


If you look further through the conservation tabs you will find different concepts involving the concerns of conservation, as well as interesting animal profiles! I hope you have fun and learn something along the way!